Solutions: By Media

Below you can enter the store that offers solutions for your specific storage needs.  Each store has a detailed catalog of products that will allow you to store the specific samples you use.

Box Storage Store
We have boxes for your boxes.  Whether you use 2", or 3" freezer boxes, or a unique design for your freezer system, we can meet your needs with our catalog racks or a custom designed freezer racks.

LN2 Store
Here you will find solutions to storing items in a circular environment.  You can outfit your freezer with various size square freezer racks or with racks shaped like arrowheads.  Either way, the systems offer the most storage capacity for your liquid nitrogen freezer.

Microwell Store
We have the solutions for your microwell plate storage. the Microwell Store offers a variety of choices in stainless steel and aluminum.

Blood Bag Store
Our blood bag storage racks offer you one source for blood bag and marrow canisters and the frames to hold them.  You can purchase single canisters and frames or we offer discounted prices for purchasing a complete freezer rack system.

Tube Store
Whether you are storing 50ml tubes, 15ml tubes, or any other shape or size, the Tube Store will have the freezer racks solution for you.  We offer a wide array of stainless steel and aluminum racks for upright freezers, chest freezers, or liquid nitrogen freezers

Cane Store
Our store offers single cane boxes, small vertical racks that hold 2 cane boxes, and quad racks that hold 8 racks.  We also offer complete storage systems that include a lazy susan and all of the boxes to outfit a new freezer.