Below you can browse our freezer rack solutions that meets your specific storage application. Each link below will take you to the catalog pages that will provide freezer rack options that are easy to shop based on how you would like to specify your freezer rack.  You can shop for freezer racks based on your storage media, as a cross reference against other companies' model numbers, or for a specific freezer.

Shop by Freezer Manufacturer
Chose the manufacturer of your freezer, select your model number, select the racks that fit that freezer, and place your order.

Shop by Cross Reference
Take a freezer rack model number from another manufacturer or distributor and cross reference our model number and price.

Shop by Storage Media
Browse all of our freezer rack solutions for your specific storage media.  Whether you are using a 2" high freezer box, a 3" high freezer box, cryo-vial boxes, or plastic tubes we have a multitude of choices that will fit your needs.

Low Cost Cardboard and Paper Board Boxes
In addition to the our stainless steel and aluminum freezer racks we also can provide you with cardboard or paperboard boxes to reduce your cost for large volume inventory storage or if you require a disposable solution.

While our catalog is extensive, we are aware that many freezer rack needs are unique to you.  If you can not find a freezer rack to suit your requirements, fax or email us a sketch of what you need and we can provide a price.